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Update v1.2.0 : RELEASED JUNE 29, 2015

This is a changelog of sorts for game version updates. We will post an announcement whenever there is a new update.
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Update v1.2.0 : RELEASED JUNE 29, 2015

Postby devsquad » 10 Jun 2015 22:06

Version 1.2.0 - New Features and Bug Fixes:

Released June 29, 2015.

Player Rankings
Players will be ranked according to score (points accumulated by playing games).
You can view your ranking and scroll the top players in the world by accessing the RANKINGS screen from the main screen menu.
The rankings system is built on a scoring system that will be published on this forum and on http://www.wartimecronies.com when the update is released. Games you have already played before the update is released will be applied to your Rankings.
(We are also working on a web version of the Rankings to be accessible from http://www.wartimecronies.com, with more detail than will be available in the app, likely to be made available a few days after publishing the update).

National Medals (Trophies)
A Trophy Room, accessible from the Rankings screen where you can accumulate trophies, by nation: win a number of games with a nation and you will receive the national medal for that nation. Your accumulated medals will be visible to your opponents so they can beware your prowess !

Unit Stats
Detailed Unit Statistics are available for all the units in the game.

Drop Inactive Games
You will have the ability to drop games that haven't been played by your opponent in 24 hours, with no penalty to your score. As well you will be able to drop a game that is still in it's first full turn (ie. not reached Turn 2 for the first player yet), whether or not it is your turn.

Automatic Game Expiration
We will automatically expire games that haven't been played for 7 days. The person who has been waiting on their opponent will receive a Win while the person who let the game expire will receive penalties in points, worse than surrendering.

Game Limits
We are adjusting the amount of games that a player will be allowed to start and tie it to the number of nations owned, we want people to play as much as possible but also want to encourage people to acquire nations.

Data And Map Changes: (note that these changes do not apply to games already started with the previous app version).
Unit Values
- Shock Armies now (properly) have a movement rating of 3 (just like tanks).
- Reduced (slightly) carrier fighters attacking sub.
- Reduced (by half) land fighters attacking sub.
- Increased penalty for land units making amphibious invasions, except Elite Forces Divisions.
- Winter (Snow): Snow hexes now have a penalty for all attackers, land air and sea (naval support in land attacks). Exceptions are all Soviet and Finnish land units as well as Canadian Infantry.

New Maps and Avatars
Three new maps and five new avatars added to the game.

Historic Map Captured City Production
- You will no longer be able to produce units in captured cities when playing in a Historic map . For example if, as the Germans in the France 1940 map, you conquer Brussels from the French, you cannot produce units there. You still collect the same income as before from captured enemy cities (which is already lower than for cities that you start the map with). This change does not apply to Open maps.

Historic Map Balance
- Increased land factories in rear area soviet cities
- Decreased naval factories for each country
- Reduced money significantly for Germans and slightly for Soviets
- Increased German land factory count to compensate for no longer being able to produce in captured Soviet cities (see above).
France 1940 Map Balance
- Increased German factories to compensate for no longer being able to produce in captured French cities (see above).

General note on historic map balance:
- We realize that the historic maps may not be as balanced as desired at the moment, and we will continue to address and tweak them as the game grows, hopefully with input from the community as well as our own internal testing.

Bug Fixes/Workarounds:
-Crash Bug fixed for land units on transport escorted with cruiser, moving up to coast with enemy unit, target presentation.
-Crash Bug workaround for tool tips when it is not your turn, several cases were causing the game to crash when clicking on the help icon when it is not you turn. It turned out that fixing it would require a significant rework of an internal system so instead of delaying the release we have, at least temporarily, disabled the ability to select the help button when waiting on a turn.

That's it for now. There are certainly many more features we would like to release as the game progresses, this update concentrates on the ones that have had the most requests from players so far.

Thank you for reading and for supporting the game !


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